An easy and efficient tool for people needing something simple without exotic filters and unnecessary settings.


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Pros & Cons:

Very simple and straightforward, complete set of tools, good presets.
Limited output formats, limited settings.

Our Review:

RibBot264 is a simple and efficient tool that provides all the essential features (deinterlace, crop, IVTC, color filters, denoise, subtitles, resize and more) in a very manageable way.

As its author says: "This small app written in Delphi is specially for people looking for something simple without exotic filters and unnecessary settings."

In my tests, the analysis tools were very helpful, but many of them failed to recognize interlacing in static scenes such as cartoons. Most of the time, manual detection is always best. The only case where automatic detection provides better results is with mixed sources (part-interlaced, part-telecine and part-progressive).

RibBot264 was reviewed by on based on version 1.17.4.