Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller

A popular uninstaller that works better than most in finding leftovers


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Pros & Cons:

Hunter mode to easily uninstall programs, Powerful leftover files cleaning, Different scan modes for leftover files for safe, moderate, advance use, Various useful optimization tools - autorun manager, junk files cleaner, Windows & MS office cleaner etc., Well documented user manuals, video tutorials, FAQ and Email support, Portable version available
Various features restricted in free version - no batch uninstall or force uninstall or real time monitoring of system changes, Lacks other uninstall modes like context menu, silent uninstall, manual or concurrent program uninstall, No option to uninstall Windows updates or browser extensions Doesn't support resuming uninstall after system reboot

Our Review:

One of the most popular names in this category, Revo Uninstaller had its dominance for over a decade. It has one of the most thorough leftover cleaning capability along with HiBit, and provides different modes of scanning leftovers namely, safe, moderate and advanced. 
Revo provides Hunter mode uninstall like BCU, which lets you uninstall programs by simply pointing the cursor to the opened window of the application or to the icons on desktop/quick launch/system tray. Apart from normal installed apps, Revo also let's you to uninstall Windows apps and various program components. 
Revo comes with a lot of handy tools like Junk files cleaner, a file shredder, disk wipe tool, browser cleaner, MS office & Windows history cleaner and autorun manager tools. At the same time Revo also provides quick access to a host of useful Windows tools. 
Revo is one of the safest uninstallers out there. It provides you with an option to exclude registry keys and folder paths to ignore while scanning and doesn't show system components for uninstallation by default which needs to be turned on in settings pane. 
While Revo Uninstaller is a great piece of freeware, some of it's advanced capabilities are only available in the Pro version like Force & Batch uninstall modes & manual/real-time monitoring of system changes. The free version doesn't auto clean leftovers or support removal of windows updates/browser extensions. It doesn't yet support resuming uninstall post system restart. 
Even though it lags behind HiBit & BCU, Revo uninstaller is an exceptional piece of software to have to remove leftovers post your normal uninstall routine. It is well documented, provides excellent video tutorials & FAQ's. Additionally a portable version is also available. 

Revo Uninstaller was reviewed by on based on version 2.1.7.


Does it work with 64-bit applications yet?

My question mirrors Fairportfan's;...Does it work with 64-bit applications yet?


It does! Downloaded it yesterday, works fine with Win 10.