Returnil System Safe Free


Returnil System Safe Free

Clones your system and creates an isolated environment for your computer


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System-wide security.
Virtual environment is highly inconvenient, keyloggers could potentially steal data before computer is rebooted.

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If you would like to take your system protection even further, look no further than Returnil System Safe Free. With Returnil you get a cloned version of your system partition to boot from and work in. If anything does happen to go wrong during your session, it's as easy as rebooting your system, and your whole operating system environment is back to where it was before you turned Returnil protection on. Returnil also includes some useful features, including file protection and an anti-executable function.

Returnil provides a different type of protection compared to Sandboxie or GesWall. It is an excellent solution for those who have limited uses of their computer, for example for users who just browse the web. Also, if you have a separate partition for your data then Returnil is particularly useful because you don't have to worry about losing data which you just saved. Returnil can also be used in conjunction with Sandboxie or GesWall.

Like all security software, you should have a backup of your hard drive and all your files before you install one of these applications.

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