Replace Gmail's Ads With Details Of Your Email Contacts


Here's a neat extension for users of the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.  Rapportive automatically looks up information on the web about the person whose message you're currently reading, and displays it on the right hand side of the page in a separate panel.  The system can trawl social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, even if you're not a member of those systems yourself.  If there are pictures of the person available online, Rapportive can often track those down too, and display them for you.

Not only does Rapportive add useful social information to your overall Gmail experience, but it also displays its information in the panel that Gmail would normally use to display adverts.  So you get 2 benefits for the price of, well, none, because Rapportive is free.

If you use Chrome or Firefox, as well as Gmail, head to for a link to the free download.



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All current (last 12 months) reviews on the Chrome webstore site say that since LinkedIn acquired the app, it's down virtually all the time.

Rapportive says of itself that it replaces the ads in Gmail with information about a contact. Question: wot ads? I've never yet been fed an ad when I go server-side to check my gmail account(s). (Obviously, I don't see any ads using my desktop email client, either.)

I've downloaded the Rapportive add-on for use with my Firefox browser but there's no sign of its presence and nothing at all happens when I open my gmail account -- any of my gmail accounts -- online.

So maybe it's not working with Firefox 31.0 at all, or not with my Gmail set-up (from which all personal information for the purpose of targeting ads at is systematically excluded anyway). Or maybe it's just me and my computer in a parallel world to Rapportive.

Thanks for the effort, Rob, but on the basis of my experience today I can't actually be that, er, supportive of, um, Rapportive.

The People Widget pane covers most of the details of the Rapportive column. It's useless unless I can get rid of that pane. I tried turning off (hiding) the People Widge, but all that changed was that the names were hidden, not the column, which is now blank. Is there a fix for this?