Remove Images From Web Pages, For Speed And Cheaper Printing


TextMode browser add-onHave you noticed how web pages nowadays are full of pictures? Not just adverts, but illustrations and icons and buttons too. They make the page look nice, of course, but they can slow down the time it takes for a site to load over a slow connection. Plus, if you want to print a page that's full of images, all those pictures use up additional ink or toner that you might not actually want to appear on the prints.

A neat little extension for Chrome, if you use that browser, can help here. It's called Text Mode and it's at for you to download and automatically add to your browser. Once that's done, just click the little T button in your toolbar at the top of Chrome, and you'll be running in no-graphics mode.

Which means that pages load more quickly, and printing is cheaper. If you're printing out a recipe for example, and you want the detailed steps but you can manage without the huge picture of the finished dish, this will definitely save you money. It's free too.



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Use PrintFriendly...I can delete any photos I don't want...whether logged in or not. Do craft work so want to keep some photos of finished items and/or steps that show how-tos.

FireFox has the ImageBlock extension that seems to do the same.

I use so I can decide if I want to keep certain bits.

But what about logged in sessions?

I am impressed. I went to Amazon .com and eBay, it cleared every photo from the page.