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Remove Image Background sample

Remove Image Background is a free web service that does an excellent job of removing backgrounds from images.

Removing backgrounds isn't easy, but this site handles it easily with no manual selection of foreground/background layers.
The site is relatively new and it only works with photos of people. You can upload images of any size, but the resulting image is limited to 500x500 px for now. The results are still impressive with the photos I've tested, though it seems to have a some issues with hats.

The site uses " ...AI technology to detect foreground layers and separate them from the background. To improve the results we have several additional algorithms in place, for instance to improve fine details and prevent color contamination".

If you're looking for fast and easy way to remove the background from someone's picture, give this site a try.

Remove Image Background

(h/t voltronic)

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Works great most of the time, but why the blue and white checks other than to make it unusable. Put it on a white background.

The blue and white checks RMIkeN mean the background is transparent.

Thanks JoJo. :)

Nice idea. I tried it on my Frankencat picture and got the message that it only works on people at this time.

That was mentioned in the above post. I'm sorry it didn't work on your Frankencat picture. :)

Nice idea, output looks pretty good, but a limit of 500 x 500 pixels on the outputted layer is quite limiting, sadly.

It is a limitation. They say they are working on ways to increase the output. There are other background removal sites, but I haven't found one that works as well as I would like. Some say they will do a better job if you pay them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A worthy find. Thanks for this. Certainly simplifies trimming of my joke images that bit more! Happy Holidays / Christmas etc.

You're welcome. :) Happy Holidays etc.