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Trace background remover

Trace automatically removes the background from any photo. Upload your image, remove the background, and easily edit the image.

With Trace, you can remove the background from a photo and start editing the image right away.

To use the site, upload an image, remove the background and use any of the editing options you wish.
You can add a solid color as a background, use an image from the Unsplash catalog, or upload an image of your own.
You can move, scale, rotate and crop images and add multiple images (limit 5).
It’s easy and fun to use and produces impressive results.

It does a terrific job of removing the background while retaining details. It works well with fur, feathers, hair, snow and other small particles. Trace doesn’t add watermarks to downloaded images.
You can upload images up to 12MB, and process up to 5 per day.

You'll need to create an account to use the site. I suggest using a temporary or disposable email address like the one we covered here: Stop Unwanted Email for Free With This Great Temporary Email Service since their unsubscribe function doesn't appear to be working.
Trace was created by Sticker Mule, they do custom printing for stickers, magnets, coasters and more.
Note: by providing an email address, you agree to receive email from Sticker Mule. You can unsubscribe using link at the bottom of the email. I've unsubscribed from two emails sent on two separate days and I'm still getting email from them.

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I tried Trace, but I couldn't get it to work:
- I created an image that contained 2 uploaded images. I then changed my mind and wanted to remove the 2nd image, but I couldn't see any way to do it. I dragged it out of view and added a 3rd image. I then added a background image.
- The background image was automatically zoomed, which gave the wrong appearance. I couldn't see any way to unzoom it.
- The preview showed the 1st and 3rd images on the correct background. I downloaded the composite image. The downloaded image contained the 1st and 2nd images, and the background image was replaced by a solid orange colour. There was an extra thick orange border, so the images seemed to be floating in the air.
- I tried 2 more times (without uploading the wrong image) and got similar results.
- This product seems to be an alpha version.

That sounds frustrating. Trace is version 2.0, it's not an alpha version.
You could contact Sticker Mule and let them know what you experienced, it sounds very odd to me.

Had the same confirmation email error, but the upload just started working after a bit regardless.

Haven't got other emails from them yet, so hopefully unticking those here worked:

*That's actually the Canadian link, not sure how it redirects or what's the proper link, so let me know I guess.

Thanks. :)

It resolves to the Canadian link, and it seems there's a hiccup somewhere in their process.

No problem. AFAIK after a bit of checking, the default link should be: I just hope it works better than their links in emails.

It works fine, and thanks for mentioning that.

Same problem as Steinitz -- can't confirm the email I used.

Try logging in using another browser? If you're using Firefox that may be part of the problem. I've had a lot of issues with sites not working with the recent releases.

Download limit of only about 6 images per day.

The article says you can upload images up to 12MB, and process up to 5 per day, so yep, there's a limit. There's various limits on most of these kinds of sites, usually size or amount of uploads.

Works now, works fine. must have been a temporary glitch.

There may some traffic going to the site, and I would guess the site itself takes a lot of bandwidth. I checked it in several browsers. Sometimes the image processing was a bit slow.

Great idea, but something wrong with their site. I got their confirm email, but when I click on the link, it tells me "something went wrong". OVer and over again.