A Firefox add-on to view and manage lists of reminders and to-dos


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Pros & Cons:

No need for a separate application.
Firefox must be running.

Our Review:

ReminderFox has an attractive interface and is easy to use. Practically any type of repeat reminder can be set. One downside is that the user is only able to set one pop-up reminder per event.

ReminderFox has the option for the user to create their own event categories which is a useful customization option. Reminders and To-Do's can be saved as an ICS file and be exported into other online calendars such as Google calendar or Yahoo calendar.

It now offers a very useful sync feature which allows the user to sync their online calendars with ReminderFox. I love this new feature. It may work with other online calendar servers such as Google Calendar, Fruux and OwnCloud. This is a new feature so make sure you get the new version and use it.

Like Lightning, ReminderFox offers the advantage of avoiding the need for running a separate reminder application but at the cost of not having reminders available when Firefox isn't running.

For FAQ on troubleshooting ReminderFox issues, go to this page.

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