Remember The Milk


Remember The Milk

A nice and clean to-do app with lots of features but on a large memory footprint


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Pros & Cons:

Lots of features including: Smart Search, Location Search, Tag Search, and Syncing to other devices.
Large size, out of application Help (Help is on the Web), needs tooltips, Icons alone are not easy to understand, and only one sync per day.

Our Review:

Remember The Milk (RTM) has a nice clean presentation offering 6 options on the home screen. I like the ability to see today's, tomorrow's, and this week's tasks. You can also make lists, tags and add locations that can be used as a search option. To add a task you can pick one of the front screen Icons and press the "Plus Sign" Icon to type in a new task, but I didn't see a way to speak in the task.

Pressing the Search Icon (Magnifier) allows you to search your tasks, lists, tags, or locations via a search argument. You can also build Smart Searches which can be saved for repeating your favorite search just by pressing the name of the Search in the Search list. You can also prioritize your tasks by date, priority, tags, location and more. Tagging allows various tasks to be identified based on the tag assigned to the task.

RTM can be synced with various Apps on your other devices. The on-line help will show which Apps and how to sync them up to your devices.

A "long press" on a task allows you to change the status of the task or to edit it. Notes can be attached to a task by pressing the "Three Dot" Icon in the task window. From the add note screen press the disk Icon to attach and save the note. I couldn't find a way to search text in the note.

I would like to see "tool tips" pop up when hovering over an Icon, the ability to search notes, a local help file although this already has a large memory footprint. In regards to the help function a web location is called up to get to the search engine.

RTM is a large memory app with lots of features. You need to decide if the memory size is worth the features so it depends on your needs.

Remember The Milk runs on muliple platforms as provided above. In addition to the Web version, it also has a Chrome app.

The app does come in a Pro version which currently has a yearly subscription of $25.00.

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