A Remarkable Clean Text Editor For Android Mobile Devices


Writer Plus

We don't need a full-blown word processor to edit plain text files since a simple text editor fits the bill with less distraction. More so when we are using a mobile device that has a limited screen size.

JotterPad reviewed here is a text editor for Android with a minimalist user interface, but now it has an advertisement banner taking up the screen real estate to aggressively promote its paid-for version.

If you dislike such advertisement, it is time to look for a good alternative like Writer Plus, which is an enhanced version of James McMinnin's Writer and yet it is free of cost and distraction.

In a text file, Writer PLus uses line feeds (LF) for line endings created in Unix and Linux system but also supports Carriage Return and Line Feed (CRLF) for line endings generated in Notepad for Windows.

This is a remarkable text editor designed with a clean layout, plus useful editing features and multiple clipboard entries. A must-have tool to read and edit text files on Android mobile devices.

Writer PlusWriter Plus




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