RealWorld Paint


RealWorld Paint

A portable and true digital painting program supports drawing natural digital and animation images.


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Pros & Cons:

Realistic paint effects, Supports animation as well as retouching of photos, support advance undo/redo, rich in features, A nice program for painting and web development.
Limited canvas but can be readjusted, no offline help file available, little complicated for new users.

Our Review:

RealWorld Paint is a true digital painting program which supports drawing natural digital and animation images and has features for retouching photos. In my opinion it is better than many other programs available out there. All the features are nicely placed in its user interface.

Some of the main features it is packed with include animation support, Fill, Shapes with/without effects, brushes with/without effects, crop, magic wand, red eye removal, watermark support, layers, vector flexibility, Converting animations to filmstrips and vice versa, Shape shifter tool and more. Brushes and other effects are highly configurable.

It supports Psd, jpeg, gif, png, xcf, pdn, webp and other photo formats. The best part I like about this program is its compatibility with major industry standard products like Photoshop and Gimp, which means you can import/export files between these with ease. Also it has no prerequisite for installation. In fact, it has a portable version available from the developer so no installation is required at all.

If we talk about the downside, the biggest one about this product is its development. Unfortunately the latest stable version of this program is more than 2 years old. Another downside is that RealWorld Paint is a pixel-oriented program. But still, it is a great choice for painting, photo retouching and even for animation stuff. Don't miss it.

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