Only for phones with a version of Android older than 4.0: Finds your music, videos and photos very well and plays multimedia files supported on your device.


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License: Free (In-App purchases)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Media Player for Android

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Ease of use; Nice look.
Deprecated; No external codecs - only videos that can already be played on the phone can be played here; No gesture support.

Our Review:

RealPlayer has always been a well-known but controversial media player on desktops. It has been developed for Android, but it is outdated and won't install on any device with Android 4.0 or higher. In case you're on an older version of Android, you can check out the previous review below.

The experience starts with a very nicely designed home screen, which slightly reminds me of Windows Media Center. RealPlayer finds your music, videos and photos very well, but it might take a little time at first. It will find your media without any progress indicator, so you might be wondering what is going on.

The app has three parts - music, videos and photos. Here, we will be going over the videos and photos.

The main problem is the format support - this player will basically only support what your device already supports.

The photos section is the one area this app is lagging behind. It only shows the pictures you took with your phone's camera. You can do the typical thing - look at them individually, or play a slideshow.

If you're aren't looking for something that gives you extra codecs, then this will do. However, I would still recommend using another media player instead.

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