A Really Nice, Powerful Clipboard Manager


Clip AngelDespite Windows being 30 years old, Microsoft still hasn't improved on the basic clipboard functionality that was introduced in the 1980s. You cut or copy something, and then you paste it somewhere else. Cut or copy again, and the single entry in the clipboard gets overwritten.

Clip Angel changes that, and does it very well. You'll find it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/clip-angel/ and it's a 2 MB download. VirusTotal claims it's free of malware, and Web of Trust regards the site as reputable.

Once you've installed (or not - there's a portable option too) Clip Angel, you can add multiple items to your clipboard. Scroll through the entries to find the one you want, then hit Enter to paste it. You can even edit the entry before you paste. And you can paste text into the CMD.EXE command line too, if you are a command prompt user.

Clip Angel is useful, and free. Definitely worth trying out.

Note that the program's author is Russian, so when you first install it you'll find 2 demo items of text in your clipboard, one of which says "This is my first clip" in Russian. If you're not a speaker of that language, just hit Delete to remove it.

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I have a very specific set of requirements that include:

- tiny memory footprint (<5MB)
- truly portable (no dependency on any framework, including .NET)
- easy to trigger (Win + V or simpler)
- ability to format/manipulate text in the buffer
- ability to store/organize permanent snippets

ClipX was my go-to clipboard manager for many years, but it didn't play well with Windows 10, so I spent a lot of time trying out all the clipboard managers I could find to find an alternative. I finally settled on Clibor, and have never looked back. It's amazing how much power was crammed into such a small utility. If you can get past the crowded interface and sporadic wonky translations, I highly recommend giving Clibor an honest try.

Since this does not work in XP
XP users could use Ditto instead
This is the latest version that works in XP (32bit) -
I tried the latest 4 to prove that 3.21.134 is the most recent that works in XP
I was only trying the portable versions.
There is a slight chance that the installed versions will give a different result ? ?
Anyone who wishes to experiment with those, can find them here -
PS I am willing to give ClipAngel a go (in XP).
I am a bit worn out, but anyone who is interested, could do similar experiments with older versions of ClipAngel -
If you post the result (previous version that works in XP), I will Shirley give it a try.

This program doesn't let you use the win key for a hotkey.

Yes. You are right.

I would use it if it did! Really, it's the only thing keeping me from using it. I am using ClipX right now, instead.

1. Setting "Read Window Titles" (enabled by default) to solve compatibility problems

1. Incorrect counting of number of cells (EXCEL) in capture limit settings
2. Not opening of program window on some systems after launching on user log on with "Fast window open" = Off


1. Commands "Add text to filter" and "Set text to filter" in context menu of clip text
2. Values "rtf" and "html" in filter by the clip type

1. "Compare last clips" command compared last 2 clips incorrectly with filter
2. Possible crash when capturing clips from windows with very long caption
3. Update check failed if proxy requires authentication
4. Incorrect updating "Is clip favorite" button after press

I have installed Clip Angel a hour ago and, so far, it is being very useful! :-)

I agree with rob: it's a really nice and powerful clipboard manager. Thanks to rob for this article, many thanks to tormozit for the great job! *thumbsup*

I wonder what Ditto fans will say about ClipAngel?

I have tested many clipboard programs over the year, and greatly prefer Clipboard Help+Spell because:

1. It allows you to have Favorites to use and reuse

2. It's easy to delete a clip from the listing (e.g. passwords)

3. It works with text and images equally well

4. It has an extensive history of previously used clips

I have tested dozens clipboard programs over the 10 years and took the best (for me) from them and made ClipAngel =) It can do everything you wrote and many more (as you can see in feature list and in comparison table https://sourceforge.net/p/clip-angel/wiki/Description/)

It appears this does not work in XP

You're right and it's honestly written everywhere:
Requires .Net Framework 4.52+ (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)

1clipboard is great and it syncs all data with your good drive account so it can sync all your info on many computers


I use Ditto which works fine for me, and I'd like to give a warning about clipboard managers in general.

If you use a clipboard manager to copy a password, that password will remain in the clipboard manager until it is deleted. So, if you do use a clipboard manager to copy and paste passwords, immediately remove that password from the clipboard manager.

Very good advice. But if you use good password manager (like KeePass) which can set Clipboard Viever Ignore Format (CVIF) while coping password to clipboard, then good clipboard manager (like ClipAngel or Ditto or ClipDiary) will understand this flag and will not capture password. Discussion about CVIF for Ditto https://sourceforge.net/p/ditto-cp/discussion/287511/thread/2185c0e1/ . And do not forget to turn on CVIF in options of KeePass 2.X (it is off by default)

You say it can be installed or stand alone, but I can not find an installer, when I open the zip file I downloaded it extracts all files, then when I click on CickAngel.exe it runs as a stand alone program. Where do I find the installer?

I am author of ClipAngel. You are right. Actually there is no installer but 2 modes of starting application (from ReadMe.txt):

No actions required in addition to the system requirements for installing program. You can run program from any catalog, but the program will use single settings and database, stored in Windows user profile, in normal mode and in program catalog - in portable mode. To autostart program on user logon, you have to turn on appropriate checkbox in Settings window. ClipAngelPortable.bat or parameter /p - runs application in portable mode, settings and standart database will be loaded/saved in the same catalog, where program is started.

Comparison table with analogs http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/5585/22BZAE.png

Does not work in Windows 7: "Requires .Net Framework 4.52 (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)"

Can you describe details (error text or screen)? Have you installed .Net framework 4.52 before start?

No error messages, nothing happens. I read the reference to Vista + as meaning it does not work on earlier versions of Windows. I don't know what .Net 4.52 framework is, or how to tell if is installed. There is a .Net 3.51 SP1 on the computer.

I added direct link for download in Readme.txt. Here it is https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

Odd, I tried to install using your link and get this:
.NET Framework 4.5.2 or a later update is already installed on this computer.
I then looked in the registry (now I know how) and found Net framework 4.6.01055

And now, tried 1.17 and it works. No idea what problem was - thanks.

Nice find : ) I've been through no end of clipboard managers for something that suits my needs, this one seems light and stable so far.

It appears to lack image preview but I can live with that and maybe there's some setting somewhere that I missed.

About image preview. Due to small row height only left top fragment 100x20 pixels is shown in each row of list without resize. Whole image resized to fit clip panel (right part of window) is show for current clip. Can you describe your ideas about how to make it better? For now I have only one idea - to show tooltip with image of clip under cursor, but it can be annoying due to it's big size and changing position.

Hi, thanks for your reply and for a nice piece of freeware : )

When I first tried your program I saw no graphic previews at all, just locations the same as in the left hand pane. After experimenting a bit further though, I've found that graphic previews are shown for jpg files from my hard drive but not if I right click and copy an image in Firefox. For png files on my hard drive, ClipAngel shows previews for some but not all. It's not a big issue though, it's not something I would use often anyway.

The preview as it is, now that I have found it, is fine. No need at all to change that in my opinion.

I did wonder though, is there or could there be, a button to show/hide the right hand preview pane and only display the list? I know I can resize it but a toolbar button or hotkey would be handy.

In 1.18 added image preview generation for html clips without text

Now I understand that you are talking about images in HTML clips. They can have many ways of linking to binary data. That's why some of them are shown always. some are show for a while (from temp files) and some are not shown at all. Many factors may influence this behavour. So if you want reliably copy image from browser you have to execute "Copy image" command in the context menu of image or capture it directly with screenshot capture soft.

Clipboard Help+Spell is very good too: