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Real Kakuro

A perfect kakuro game with thousands of puzzles to solve.


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Simple and elegant design, thousands of games, difficulty levels, solution tools, auto save.

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Real Kakuro, an excellent “cross sums” game, mixes a Crossword puzzle with Sudoku. It avoids letters and lets you solve a puzzle with numbers only.

On a standard board with a grid of 10x10 cells, clue numbers are provided in the cells divided by diagonal lines. A clue number tells the sum of the numbers to be filled up by you in consecutive cells to its right or downward.

The game rule is simple. An entry of consecutive cells shall contain numbers within the range from 1 to 9 and the numbers must sum up to the clue number given. No same number shall be repeated in the consecutive cells.

With high definition graphics and simple menu context, Real Kakuro is elegantly designed. It provides you hours of pleasure gameplay with thousands of unique games in 5 difficulty levels.

Helpful tools such as pencil marking and a cheat sheet is included. When enabled, the cheat sheet gives you a hint of possible solutions to the row and column entries. The app automatically saves all unfinished games so that you can resume the games from where you left off.

Better still, the developer has offered all puzzles in this game app for free with no locks, as the development of this app is supported by ads.


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