Read The Front Pages Of 2000 World Newspapers


A few days ago I wrote about a web site called The Paper Boy, which lets you view the front pages of many newspapers from around the world.  You'll find my original story at for reference.  Thousands of you clicked on the link, so here's details of a similar site that covers front pages from even more locations.  It was recommended to me by reader pecarroll, to whom I offer my thanks.

The site in question is the home of the Newseum, a museum (a proper bricks-and-mortar one) dedicated to all things news that's based in Washington DC.  It also offers daily scans of the front pages of all of the world's major newspapers, numbering some 2000 in all.  You can even click on the image to enlarge it, thus making the page easily readable on any decent screen.

Check out the site at from where you can filter the list of available papers by name or country.



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