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Rainlendar Lite

A calendar program with a reminder and a to-do list built in


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Free product complements the Web based application.
Shared calendars are available only for Pro version.

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Of all the calendar programs I looked at, Rainlendar Lite would be my preferred choice, a solid product which is highly customizable but a tad more difficult to use.

Rainlender is a calendar program that is not only a calendar but a reminder program and a To-Do list built in, in the form of the events / tasks manger, also a very capable "iCal compatible" desktop calendar, although the calendar feature can be turned off.

Used as a reminder and To-Do program, it's very feature rich with lots of options to personalize the software to suit the users needs. The actual calendar interface is attractive and very unobtrusive and can also be personalized with easy skinning. As it employs things like variable windows transparency, the calendar actually looks as though it is part of my Windows 7 desktop rather than software I added at a later date.

The desktop calendar also has mouse-over effect, just hover your mouse over the calendar for a quick check of what you've got going that month which is very handy. The user can also assign hotkeys for tasks such as create new event , show next month and a number of other useful actions. It also has the ability to synchronize events between clients, as well as Outlook appointment integration (Pro version). I liked, too, the way the tray icon shows the current date, the events / tasks manger and when the mouse is hovered over it shows any events / tasks for the day.

Another useful feature is that Rainlendar supports a back-up and restore option. Unfortunately I found no way to import ICS calendar files from other calendars you may be using at the time like Google calendar or ReminderFox, only imports from Rainlendar Ini format and iCal format are available.

When installed, the default setting is to have Rainlendar run at Windows start-up. I'm never keen on having programs run at start-up if they don't need to, but this being a calendar/ reminder/To-Do application I've left it to run at start-up so I don't miss any reminders or To-Do's. Although it does run at start-up I haven't noticed any change in my PC start-up time which is a good thing.

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I have used this for years, and export events regularly to my Google calendar so I can sync it on my phone. If Rainlendar ever comes out with an Android app, it would be worth paying for, as it's the best desktop calendar I have ever used, fully customizable, small footprint and no impact on resources.