Quickly Grab The Current Screen Colour For Any Pixel


You're sitting in front of your PC using a photo editing package, or designing a web page, and you want to create a coloured object.  Maybe a border or outline, or a block of colour somewhere.  Or a shape to use for emphasis in your picture.  Or maybe just a solid background for the entire picture.  You know what colour you want to use - it's the one over there, on some other part of the screen that isn't actually anything to do with the window that contains the image editor.  

So here's the problem.  How do you find out the colour code of that distant part of the screen in order to use it within your picture editor?

The answer is a neat little freebie called Instant Eyedropper.  You can download it from http://instant-eyedropper.com/ and it's only a 0.5 MB download.  It runs on Windows XP and above, and is clean according to VirusTotal and Web Of Trust.

Once you've installed it you'll find a little eyedropper icon in your system tray.  To find out the details of a colour, click the eyedropper icon in the system tray and keep the left mouse button held down.  Now move the mouse around the screen and, as you do so, you'll see the code of the colour under the cursor.  In the example screen shot below, the particular pixel from the OneNote icon is #372569.  With your pixel selected, release the mouse button and you're done.  The colour code is now copied to the clipboard, ready for you to paste into the colour selection box in your picture or web editing package.

If you're involved in any graphics-intensive work, such a utility is a very handy addition to your toolbox.




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