Quickly Fix "Red Eye" In Photos With This Free Online Service


It never ceases to amaze me just how many web-based services now offer facilities for which you previously had to install a program on your PC. 

Take red-eye reduction in photos, for example.  If you've taken a picture and it's suffering from the dreaded syndrome, there's no need to install any software,  Just fire up your web browser and head to www.fixredeyes.com.  Upload a picture (maximum 2 MB) into the workspace, then drag the region selector tool onto the problem area of the picture.  If necessary, you can drag multiple copies of the selector if, for example, there's more than one person in the photo.

When you're ready, click the Fix It button.  A couple of seconds later, your amended picture is ready to download.  A single click of a button and the job is done.

Having used this service "for real" earlier today, I can vouch that it's quick, safe, and very handy indeed.



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