Quick Backgammon


Quick Backgammon

A tiny portable backgammon allows you to enjoy quick games against a decent engine.


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Pros & Cons:

Tiny, portable with some handy advanced features.
User interface is a bit clunky.

Our Review:

Quick Backgammon is a tiny portable program runs in Windows. It allows you to enjoy quick games against a decent engine, though not a neural net; playing levels can be set to "good", "average" or "poor".

Despite the relatively unsophisticated interface, Quick Backgammon has a few advanced features and provides handy assessments and statistics. Suggestions are possible. Forced moves are automated and sound effects are good. Games can be saved as .pos files.

With all these functional features efficiently woven into a miniscule download file size, QuickBackgammon is a good addition to any backgammon freeware collection and a clear choice if you just fancy a lightweight portable to have a whole load of fun on.

Quick Backgammon was reviewed by on based on version 3.1.0.