Quick and Easy Way to Resize Windows Icons


Every time I think I have seen all the Windows shortcuts, still another one comes along to prove me wrong. Here is one that I just heard about. It is a mouse-keyboard combination for resizing icons on the desktop or within a Windows Explorer window. It requires a scroll mouse. I have used it in Windows Vista and 7 but it didn’t work for me in Windows XP.  However, my Windows XP icons have only one size available so the failure was not a surprise. Here is the procedure:

  1. Make sure that the desktop or Windows Explorer window has the focus by clicking on a blank spot
  2. Use the combination Ctrl + Mouse Scroll
  3. Hold down the Control key and move the scroll wheel up and down to change icon sizes

This tip worked best for me in Windows 7. The files for system icons in that operating system contain a number of sizes. One annoyance is that returning icons to their original size does not necessarily restore the original arrangement.

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