Quick and Easy Way to Access Windows 7 System Settings Such As User Account Control


Windows 7 comes with a new entry in Control Panel that allows you to quickly access many system tasks. It is called the “Action Center” and it can be opened from the Start-Search bar by typing “action” (without quotes) and selecting “Action Center”. The graphic below shows the Action Center dialog.

Windows 7 Action Center

As you can see, you can carry out various system functions here. Action Center consolidates security messages, troubleshooting tools, and a variety of system management tasks like backups and updates.

One setting of interest to many people is for configuring User Account Control (UAC). Windows 7 has made it possible to configure the setting for UAC in several stages to get a better fit to your personal usage pattern or even to  turn it off entirely. In the Action Center dialog box, select the entry on the left side called “Change User Account Control settings”. Of course, if all that you want to do is configure UAC, you can skip the Action Center and just enter UAC in Start-Search and select "Change User Account Control settings".

Whichever way you use, the graphic below will open. There is a slide bar that provides four different settings, ranging from UAC totally off to UAC behaving Vista-like with incessant notices. Slide the bar to the setting you like and click "OK". Although some PC users like to disable UAC, I do not personally think that is a good idea unless you are an experienced user. I leave my own setting in the position shown in the graphic. 

Windows 7 UAC settings

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