A Website downloading tool capable of downloading four files at a time for faster download.


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Pros & Cons:

Simple and easy to use interface with multiple file downloads at a time.
Inefficient to restore the whole site functionalities to offline.

Our Review:

QuadSucker/Web, also known as QuadWeb, is another freeware that I tried to use, but unfortunately I found this software to be unsatisfactory. Most of the functionalities of the original website couldn't be restored by this freeware for offline viewing.

However, this freeware provides an easy-to-use interface for downloading the websites. QuadWeb also gives us four options to select from: Entire Site, Single Page + Images, Single File and Multi-Site Spider.

I call this software hardly freeware, as we need to wait a considerable time on each occasion we open this software before use. To avoid this waiting and being disturbed by a popup, which keeps on telling us to do register this software (nagware), we sure need to register this software for some dollars.

Besides these popup distractions, QuadWeb is capable of downloading four files at a time, so we could expect a little faster download. Also QuadWeb can support both standard (http) and secure (https) websites.

QuadSucker/Web was reviewed by on based on version 3.5.