QQPlayer was an interesting video player with some interesting features, although it is currently in disrepair.


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"Resume playing" feature, Private list of password-protected videos, Good playback controls, good format support
Unacceptably laggy video list, "refreshing" takes long and can't easily run in the background, no longer updated since 2013 and tends to crash


QQPlayer is an interesting video player - and only a video player. While it doesn't have any hardware codecs, it does have a wide range of codecs. It also has an interesting "private list", which lets you put certain videos in a password-protected list. However, it is far from efficient, and has enough problems with lag. It also has not been updated since 2013, and I've had problems getting it to work without crashing on newer devices.

Our Review:

QQPlayer is an app that only plays videos, and that has external codecs. In other words, you can play videos with this player even if they aren't normally supported by your device.
When you start up QQPlayer, you already notice the first problem: the video scanning. In order to find your videos, it needs to scan your phone to find them. It takes a bit of time, and if you don't have enough memory, and I have had problems in the past that when I left the app it lost the progress.
Then, you get to your list of videos, which is sort of laggy on older devices. It's usable on newer devices, though. Interestingly enough, though, with thumbnails enabled, it wasn't as laggy for me. Weird. Also, it's just a list, no indication as to which folder the video is, only an indication of the length of the video.
Well, OK, now, enough complaining. One interesting feature is the "Private List". This is a password-protected list that you can move videos into. Once you put a video in this list, it's no longer in the main list - so that only people with the password can see the videos in that folder. It's probably useful for storing videos, of products, for... your... significant... other... never mind.
This app remembers the point where you left the video, so that you can continue playing from that point next time. There's also an option to continue playing what you were playing before - which can be handy if you have a huge list of videos - especially considering how laggy the video list can be.
There are codecs for quite a few video formats, however, the codecs probably aren't as efficient as the codecs built in to your device - they definitely were not on my device.
The video playing interface is decent - you have the same kind of gesture controls, similarily to MX Video Player, and they work well. The only thing missing for me would be an option to be able to set the screen brightness to automatic.
QQPlayer has a decent amount of settings, so you'll be able to find most basic settings there. If you don't need any advanced settings, you'll be fine.
One of the biggest problems in the meantime is that it hasn't been updated since mid-2013. It wouldn't be a huge problem if it didn't crash on my device with Android Marshmallow every time I tried to go back from the video to the video list - it crashes every time, no exceptions. Maybe I'm the exception, but my phone isn't all that rare, so I doubt I'm the only one with this issue.
Overall, QQPlayer is a decent video player, when it works. It has some interesting features that I haven't seen in other places - but the crashing and the age mean it's just not feasible as a daily driver.

QQPlayer was reviewed by on based on version 2.1.436.