An advanced chess client originally coded for Linux


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License: Free (Open source)
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Advanced chess client with the default chess engine or third-party chess engines, supports Internet chess, saving games, opening books, hint and spy modes, etc.
Originally developed for GNOME desktops, presumably running well for other Linux desktops and Windows.

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While several chess software products built for Windows may work on Wine, PyChess provides an advanced chess client originally coded for Linux, following the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

You can play against the GNU Chess engine or lots of other chess engines, such as the Crafty engine, which can be downloaded from here. You can also play Internet chess by connecting to the FICS servers.

With this program, games can be saved in the PGN, EPD and FEN chess file formats so that you can always return to continue with the games or analyze them.

PyChess also offers opening books and other useful features including undo moves, hint and spy modes, sound and animation effects.

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