PVD (Personal Video Database)


PVD (Personal Video Database)

PVD surprises with a quick-to-learn, simple and effective interface to add a movie and relevant information.


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Easy to learn, simple, effective, uses online resources (IMDB, etc.)
Rudimentary GUI, not enough data fields, no UPC base identification.

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PVD (Personal Movie Database) - PVD surprises with a quick-to-learn, simple and effective interface. I liked how easy it is to add a movie and all its relevant information: click New, type in the title, download info from IMDB, download cover from Amazon - done.

IMDB and Amazon are not the only online sources that are supported by PVD. OFDB, AllMovie.com, AdultDVDEmpire and AnimeNfo are only a few of the others. PVD is a good example of a tool that makes it difficult to decide whether you want to pick functionality over GUI.

Even though it is no match for DVD Profiler, this movie-collection software definitely is very usable. Once your collection reaches a certain size you will enjoy the statistics features and people reports (what actor is in what movie of your collection, etc.).

PVD offers special fields for referencing file based movies. Should you have made backups of your movies you can enter path, codec, bitrate and such as well. Downsides are a very rudimentary GUI, some missing info fields (casing, media type, Easter eggs) and no UPC based identification.

PVD is comparable with EMDB, although I have a slight preference for PVD. If you should not be happy with DVD Profiler or MediaMan in some way, try PVD next.

A portable version of this product is available from the developer.

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