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Pulp magazine cover generator

Customize your own vintage pulp magazine cover using this online generator.

Pulp-O-Mizer is a fun site where you can make pulp magazine covers using your words and Pulp-O-Mizer’s collection of pulp science fiction magazine style images and type. If you enjoy pulp science fiction/vintage/retro types of images you’ll like the selections.
There’s no registration or account creation required to use the site.

Once created the covers can be saved, exported, imported and downloaded. They are small files, good for use on websites or services and social media. The rectangle is 332 x 508 px and the square is 508 x 508 pixels with a white or black square. Print resolutions are available but aren’t free.

Mixing and matching text and graphic elements is entertaining.
There are enough selections in each category to enjoy changing the elements to create something you like.

The covers have several options that can be customized:

Text: there are six areas to add text in addition to the title. Options for text include changing the column position, justification, size, font color, drop shadows and a handful of font choices. All six areas can be turned off or on.

Magazine title: choose from an array of pulp science fiction titles.

Background: the six categories of backgrounds are colors and gradients, decorative backgrounds, skies and stars, aerial scenes, landscape and outdoor scenes, and interior scenes.

Foreground: there are five categories to pick from: single characters, groups of characters, rockets and spaceships, other vehicles of the Retro Future, and holidays and occasions.

There’s a helpful user guide at towards the end of the tips on using the images on social media.

Covers you create can be saved, imported and exported. Covers that are saved are only retained as long as cookies for the site aren’t cleared.
Pulp-O-Mizer presets are useful to see what the different styles of text look like, they might give you some ideas for your own Pulp-O-Mizer cover.


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Excellent web service. Very nice that with one click, the jpeg image is created
No need to provide any personal details
Wish it was a stand alone application - that would get 5/5
Thanks for the find !

I'm glad you like it. :) I like the no details/no account too.