Publish and Manage Online Newsletters For Friends And Family


If you've ever thought about publishing an electronic newsletter for friends, family or clients, you've probably spent some time looking at the technology available and then decided to abandon the idea because it's too complicated or expensive.  Managing a web site is not really the right way to do it, and sending things via email is just too much trouble when you have to keep track of subscribers.  Plus, sending an email to lots of people will likely mean it gets wrongly classed as spam by your email provider.

Thankfully, here's a great solution, in the form of a free web-based publishing system called TinyLetter.  It's designed to allow you to send your regular or occasional newsletters to groups of people.  You can add subscribers manually, by entering their email addresses, or point people at your web-based signup form so that they can sign themselves up.

Once you've collected a few subscribers, publishing a new letter is as simple as logging into your site and typing it in.  There's no need to waste time ploughing through hundreds of design templates, as everything is quick and simple. And you get a dashboard that shows you which of your subscribers has read each letter.

Although TinyLetter is designed for sending stuff to friends and family, there's no reason why you couldn't use it for keeping your business's customers up to date too.  Either way, it's free to use, and no software download is required.

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I can't find how to list contacts?! I've sent an email to Tinyletter. Let you know.