Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators


On the internet, pretty much everyone knows what you're doing.  Web site operators can use tracking cookies to help build up a profile of you, based on what sites you visit and what you search for.  International security agencies can use that information too, to build up profiles of users and to invade your privacy.

Attempting to remain anonymous online can be difficult, so it's fascinating to see that a browser add-in for Firefox takes a novel approach in its attempt to solve the problem.  Instead of trying to hide what you search for online, Track Me Not (TMN) automatically initiates lots of random searches from your PC, among the leading search engines, in a bid to devalue the quality of the information that external agencies may be using to build a profile of you.

Installing the add-on is easy.  Just head to from within your Firefox browser.  The software is free to use.  Once installed, there's a handful of options that you can configure, including which search engines it contacts on your behalf and how many queries it submits.  Then you just on with your life as normal, and TMN works away in the background.

Perhaps most interesting of all, you can opt to choose whether or not the searches generated by TMN include words and phrases which are said to be on the official list of subjects that is monitored by the US Department of Homeland Security!  



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I suspect this may violate various search engine's ToS - sounds as if it's essentially a small-scale DDOS attack

Gizmo's, the recommended app is buggy as hell from users comments, many reporting identical issues. WHY recommend if it's instability, and buggy nature is in detailed in "comments"? Great ideas only great if not harmful. Seriously.

It diminishes value of your guidance. I want to feel I can track down a Gismo's offering, without discovering it's problematic when I get there. Truly curious.

There are just three comments against the current release (0.8.16), one of which is.. "Works as advertised. Light and runs in background, won't slow you browser. A very good idea to install". The comment reporting a bug was responded to by the developer thus: "Dear user. Sorry for the trouble, we 're investigating the issue to address the problem you reported. Be sure that TMN should not be interfering and there is no risk TMN will corrupt files. I tried to reproduce the bug and posted a comment on Reddit but it worked well so we would need additional information to reproduce the bug. Please file a bug report or contact us by email to help us". I'm not sure how this qualifies it to be "buggy as hell from users comments" as all the other comments relate to previous releases. Considering the number of users runs to over 27,000 it is fair to assume it must be working well enough for the majority although this type of addon is always likely to trigger occasional issues depending on the host system specs, how it is configured and what security software is installed. MC - Site Manager.

Seems a bit like tempting fate if it allows you to attract the attention of the Security services. I don't really want my front door to be battered down at 04:30.

Will bandwidth usage increase if using this addon

Is there something equivalent with Internet Explorer or Chrome??

It will be interesting to see how this Add-On for FireFox works out.
Seems to have lots of potential. Both to do what is intended,(devaluation of stats) and for abuse, perhaps, by those who would use it to to the end of what my dearly departed mother would call poking their eye out. lol Interesting concept, and a great find!