Project Timer


Project Timer

A simple utility to record time against different projects


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Pros & Cons:

Smple to set up and use, multiple timers but uses more memory, customized colors and fonts, rename projects, stats in historgram form.
Only one color and font setting is allowed, data is stored in a binary data file with no data export or other reporting capability, data is not portable and stored in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application data\Project Timer\Project

Our Review:

Project Timer is worth a look if all you need is a simple utility to record time against different projects.

It's truly basic, not much more than a series of glorified stopwatches, but it's simple to use and does exactly the job required. Whether you want to record the time you spend on just one task or multiple projects, you will probably find this little program very handy for its simplicity alone.

You can view the time spent on the project for the current day, week, month, or total effort. There is even a nice graphical view of time logged, customizable to display the current, or three previous weeks of time periods with different graph styles—histogram, line, or both.

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