Profanity Filter


Profanity Filter

Censors all of that naughty Internet by replacing common expletives with three harmless asterisks.


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Easy to learn, great for parents.
None really, just pretty simple.

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The webs openness and impression of anonymity have redefined freedom of speech, but one side effect is that profanity has become ubiquitous online.

The Profanity Filter script censors all of that naughty Internet, replacing common expletives with three harmless asterisks ***. This scripts default list of filtered words is large, but you can easily add words that you object to or to remove words that you don't find offensive. So, if you never want to see the word "Facebook" again, you don't have to.

This is one of the best child friendly scripts any parent could ever find.

System requirements: Windows; Mac; Linux; plus browser Firefox, Flock, Chrome, Seamonkey, Songbird.

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