Problems With Chrome? Use Google's Free Cleanup Tool.


Google Chrome cleanup toolGoogle Chrome recently overtook Internet Explorer to become the most-used browser on the web. To be fair to Microsoft; however, we should note that Windows 10 encourages people to use the new Edge browser and so it was always inevitable that IE usage would decline. Still, it's a great achievement by Google and, in my own experience, Chrome is an excellent, fast browser.

As with all software, though, things can go wrong. Settings can become corrupted, or you may install an extension that has subsequently been identified as being malware.

Probably the most powerful tool to help clean up a Chrome installation is something called the Chrome Cleanup Tool. It's an official Google release and is free of charge. You'll find the Windows version at and it's a download of around 3 MB. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Although the cleanup tool is very useful, do take heed of the warning screen when you run it. It will clear various settings, including your home page, so don't use it until you actually have a real problem.

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I'm about to throw Chrome out on it's ear like I did IE so long ago.
Google is getting too big for it's britches. The original beauty of Chrome was that it was a stabler version of open architecture Chromium, supported user scripting and many other features. It improved upon IE by handling plugins differently, and worked with Sun Java & Adobe (Flash & Shockwave) to make those plugins airtight and more stable.
Now Google is becoming a bigger gorilla than MS in the browser business, and throwing it's weight around, and not being as cooperative sharing back to the OA community of the browser they co-opted. Limiting the outside plugins & scripts that it now uses. Practically forcing updates down ppl's throats. Refusing to support or allow upgrades to machines using XP, ala MS.
I currently prefer a couple of Chromium clones & OA Chromium to Google's hot mess.
I only keep it on my computer for compatability purposes for the masses I work with & troubleshoot.