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Security patch databaseWhenever you read about a security patch for Windows or any application, it's a fair bet that there's a reference to CVE somewhere in the notification. It's the database of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, and documents just about every known security-related problem. So whether you're patching a product from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Oracle, Drupal or just about anyone else, the patch will be referenced in the CVE database.

To make sure that all of your important programs are up to date with critical security fixes, it's therefore a good idea to check the CVE database occasionally. The easiest way to do this is at the CVE Details site, at You can search by product, vendor, date, and just about anything else. For example, all of this year's important fixes from Microsoft are at along with a description of the problem and a link to the Microsoft patch installer.

It's a very useful resource if you want to check that your PC is as secure as it can be, or whether there are any patches for the products you use which you haven't yet installed.

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Rob: Thank you for this article. I have been doing this on my own for all MS UPDATES... having been a beta-tester... and do NOT trust MS... so I have been running a G-Research on every update patch... updating most... and hiding some... especially Win 10 patches. I have noticed that HIDING is temporary... because several have reappeared ignoring the hiding opt-out. Thank you. ~ Alan


CVE security vulnerability database. Security vulnerabilities, exploits, references and more

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