Self Destructing Email


This note will self-destruct in five seconds! No longer do the spies in movies get to be the only ones sending or receiving notes that self-destruct. Now, you can send notes that destroy themselves as soon as your recipient reads them. Let's check this out!

It's a three step process. Step one: write the note. Step two: send the link for the note to the person the note is intended for. Step three: they read it and it's destroyed right away!

So, start by typing your note in the blank text box. Once you’re finished composing your note, you have a decision to make. Do you want to know if they’ve read it? If so, make sure you click on the checkbox and fill in your e-mail address. If not, just click Post.

That will then create a link you can copy and paste into an e-mail addressed to your intended recipient. Then your work is done! They just have to read it and the message will self-destruct.

I sent myself one as a test and it really does destroy the messages after they're read. In fact, it will inform you how long ago the note was read. How cool is that?!

This Web site gets two thumbs up from me for being so cool. Go enjoy it!

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by Anonymous on 14. September 2008 - 3:12  (7708)

This is retarded. What's the point? When I work to write an email I expect the recipient to choose to keep or delete it. This isn't even worth my comments (poof). Note to Mr. Richardson after all these years: Please don't go this route Ian it's not your style.

by mr6n8 on 7. October 2008 - 19:14  (8883)

The other purpose of this is to avoid the security risk of sending info through the email. The info is not sent, a link to the note is sent.

"Please don't go this route Ian it's not your style."
I am not sure what that means. This site encourages visitor participation (the site was originally designed as a wiki).

The service posted here is free and may be of interest to some. Just because it does not appeal to you (or me) does not make it retarded.

by Anonymous on 29. September 2008 - 17:54  (8469)

This does have a use though... I'm at college, and don't necessarily want text messages, emails, etc. about things such as parties to be read multiple times or by anyone other than the person I'm sending it to.

by Anonymous on 10. September 2008 - 9:33  (7582)

it it better to use one of the small programs that encrypt the message and create a small .exe with the encrypted text - you have to know the password. But who runs an .exe sent by the mail????

by Anonymous on 5. September 2008 - 20:10  (7392)

This is really James Bond material.

by Anonymous on 4. September 2008 - 16:56  (7353)

You get a cheap gimmick in return for giving them your email address as well as your associates email address to add to spam lists? That seems rather silly to me.

Also, with all the phishing and such going on, one would have to be pretty idiotic to click a link sent through email pointing to an unknown website. Fortunately many web users are still dangerously stupid when it comes to security, so this service is usable.

Just my .02

by Anonymous on 4. September 2008 - 16:59  (7354)

I stand self corrected. Thankfully, the website does not appear to receive your email address or that of the recipient.

My comment about clicking an unknown link still stands though.

by Anonymous on 4. September 2008 - 15:18  (7349)

It is something I might not use all the time, but it will let me know if someone got my message and read it. For the most part, I usually delete my emails after I have read it. This will do that for the person that read their message. One less step to worry about. :)

by Anonymous on 3. September 2008 - 22:57  (7314)

Is this something like climbing Mt Everest "because it's there?" I don't get the point. And darned if I'm clicking or copying any of these links.

by Anonymous on 3. September 2008 - 14:03  (7287)

Yeah, defies the purpose if you can copy the text..and quite shady link.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 19:35  (7226)

works nicely, but tells the reader to copy the note. Sort of defeats the purpose. I'd like to see self destruct with no warning. Then I can tell my boss what I really think of him.......and no evidence!

by Anonymous on 15. September 2008 - 2:54  (7738)

No evidence? LOLAHMSWC
Ever heard of gizmos (pun intended) like Gadwin's PrintScreen Free?

by Anonymous on 7. October 2008 - 17:59  (8877)

...or even just the printscreen key on the keyboard....the site needs to come up with an even better way of thwarting the recipient's ability to capture the message.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 19:55  (7231)

It dose defeat the purpose just a little,I to would like it much more if it had no warning.Great fun all the same.Thanks S,UK.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 18:51  (7222)

i don't even get it!! I created a note in the yellow box clicked next copied the link and my message was gone!! whaat the hell

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 18:18  (7220)

The service works as advertised but being prompted to click a link from an unknown website looks shady to the receiver.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 16:52  (7214)

It came through... I checked it again and it said that it was checked already and could no longer be read... That kicks ass

by Mick Barker on 25. August 2008 - 5:33  (6876)

Does the same thing, only better, and the difference is you get more options and methods of sending emails and chat. You can create an email address (Real One) and use it, and it is very entertaining to use. Check it out.

Mick Barker Sr.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 20:57  (7234)

just signed up and tried bigstring.. you're right Mick, more options and they WORK! great.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2008 - 19:39  (7227)

way better than Privnote tells the reader to copy the message. Thanks Mick !

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