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Prisma Photo Editor

Bring out the Artist in you with this unique Photo Filters app


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Easy to use, stunning effects
Can't change save image location, square images only

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Prisma is a photo filter app which enables you to apply a wide choice of various artistic effects to your photos and images. It's different because your photos are processed by computers with artificial intelligent like learning capabilities. This means as time goes on, the results get better and better in theory.

When you open Prisma, you'll see a fairly basic looking screen and a square box showing what your camera sees. Presumably, It's square because it's easier for their AI systems to deal with a 1:1 image than a whole lot of different picture aspect ratios on Android devices out there. Next, a flash button, a toggle for front/back camera then the 'take photo' button in the middle.

At the bottom right of the screen is a button to load the picture from your phone's Gallery. Before we get into the effects, the use of your own saved Gallery images needs explaining. After you load an image, it needs to be cropped to the square before it's sent for processing. You do this by dragging the image around with your finger to compose your main subject inside the box.

Ok, either take your photo or load one from your Gallery. You'll see a strip of different filters you can apply along the bottom. Swipe to scroll the 30 choices. Tap one to get underway. The photo will be sent to the Prisma servers for processing. How long this takes depends on a lot of things. Network stuff, time of day, how many others are using it and so on.

According to comments on the app stores, image processing speed and error messages have been a problem for many users. As with anything that gets popular very quickly, there will be capacity problems, so I gave it a good go at various times of the day. My results ranged between10 to 30 seconds to come back, and to me, that seemed just fine. By default, a watermark is placed on your artwork. This can be turned off in settings.

I looked at the resolution of the square images and they were 1080x1080 which seemed odd to me. I would have thought they would relate to your devices image size. I.e. Your Camera say 2560x1600 so the image square then would be 1600x1600. This wasn't documented anywhere I could find. It appears the iOS version doesn't force a square image, so it'll be interesting to see if that changes on Android in a future update.

When you have your result, you change the intensity of the filter by slowly swiping your finger left to reduce it, or right to increase. If you want to try a different filter, just tap on the new one. After you've tried a few, a tap on a previously used filter will immediately bring up the previous result from local storage. It's not obvious but I gather this only works if you have selected auto-save images in the app settings. Once you're happy with the image, you can share it on social media or with any other app on your devices share list.

To save your work, press the download arrow button. The images will be saved in a folder called 'Prisma' in your internal storage. It seems that can't be changed so you'll need a File manager app to move them around. If you set auto-save, there's no need to worry about losing your creations.

Prisma is free with no ads. It runs on Android version 4.1 and above. According to VirusTotal for Android, the app is clean and free from malware.

It's wise to closely read the privacy policy to make sure you're comfortable with it.

Yes, Prisma produces excellent and creative and often beautiful unique results. It will certainly be a fine addition to your toolkit if you enjoy taking and sharing photos.

The iOS version has been around longer, so expect features from that version to eventually make it to Android. If you fancy yourself as an artist, this app is for you.


Prisma - Bring out the Artist in you with this unique Photo Filters app

Prisma Photo Editor was reviewed by on based on version 1.1.