Print Job Stuck? Clear Your Printer Queue With This Free Utility


Print Flush falls into the "best utility you didn't know you needed" category. It solves the problem of print jobs getting stuck in the print queue without additional steps. You can always clear the print queue manually, which can involve several steps up to and including rebooting your computer, but having a little program (little being just 1 KB) that can do it with one click makes it so much easier. :)

Print Flush is virus free according to VirusTotal, works with Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and can be downloaded here:
Print Flush 1.3

Update: the developer's page is no longer available and the program is no longer available. I found a similar free program that works just as well called Print Queue Cleaner. It's portable and it works with  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Server 2012 (though it runs fine on my Windows 10 machine).

Web of Trust rates the company as reputable, and VirusTotal shows 1/63 results. When I scanned the file previously at Virus Total, it was rated as 100% clean and the analysis didn't include the evaluation by Rising. On my Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 machines all security and malware scans came up clear. Normally portable programs do not carry malware of any sort, but as always, it's good to check a progam out before you run it.

You can download it from the developers page here:
Print Queue Cleaner 2.0

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How do you get the program? I clicked on Print Flush 1.3 but it only took me to a text page with no download available.


About the third paragraph down you'll see the words "Download Print Flush 1.3" underlined. That's the link to the download. Click on it and the program download should start. Hope that helps! :)

Certainly appears to work in W10 - that is, the batch file runs and it doesn't thrw any errors; i didn't happen to have a stuck print job handy to make sure, though.

Thanks Fairportfan, I'm not running Windows 10 so I didn't test it.

Thanks a lot!
It would be interesting to learn if it works on a stuck print job in Win10.

Now, If we only knew how create a stuck print job........... :)

Start print job, remove paper halfway through, turn off printer?

Try this:
1. Print a text file, say for 5 or 10 copies.
2. When the printer is about to start printing or after printing 1 copy, power off the printer.
3. Run Print Fush.
4. Power on the printer, and the print queue is gone.

It works for me.

Thanks Jojo and Fairportfan, I got to learn something new. :)

Not germane to the utility, but he has posted a hilarious commentary on typical e-mail practises, titled "[confused subject line here]", at { }

I read that as well, it is funny. :)

Still further afield - if you like that, look for a YouTube video clip called "Title of the Song".

A long, long ago, I created a BAT file to do something similar to this. I will try Print Flush, probably it is a better solution than mine! :-)

Congratulations to the author, who saw the potential behind the idea, and thank you for sharing with us, rhiannon! ;-)

EDIT (20/10/15):
Hahahahaha! Print Flush does EXACTLY what my BAT does, except by the "Lexmark section". X-D
Even so and once again, thank you Brad Kovach & rhiannon! :-)

You're welcome, I'm always glad to share whatever I can dig up that's useful. :)

In the instructions, you are asked to right-click the icon, then to select "Run as Administrator".
You could also right-click the icon, select Properties, Advanced and check “Run as Administrator”, I suppose (Win7). Then it would work at once when you need it. (Easier to use for non-geeks).
Does it work with Windows 10? (It says it works with Vista, Windows 7 and 8 - but perhaps someone could test it?).

I'm not running Windows 10, but Fairportfan's comment said it worked. Good to know. :)

rhiannon, you are right!! I desperately needed this and didn't even know it!!


No telling how many trees you saved!!

I'm happy you like it. :)

You really do scour the web, don't you? I couldn't have found that if I knew it was out there. Good find.

The author, Brad Kovach, has since graduated and gone on to greener pastures, but a thank you is always appropriate.

Have one for yourself!


Ah, thanks bem!

Many, many thanks riannon!
I have been waiting for years for an utility to clear print queue other than manually!


Hi Peter! You're more than welcome............this is one of those little things I've had sitting around for years and it finally dawned on me that hey.............maybe I ought to write this one up, someone else might find it useful. :)