Practice And Improve Your Typing With This Free Online System

Ever wondered what those 2 tiny plastic nodules are, on the F and J keys on your PC keyboard?  Apparently, they're for use by people who can type properly.  Without looking at the keys.  F and J are known as the "home keys".  With your 2 index fingers correctly positioned on those keys, everything else should come naturally as you work towards being a touch-typist.

If you don't fancy spending money on a copy of Mavis Beacon, or another software package, you could do worse than pointing your web browser at  There's a series of exercises to help you hone your typing skills.

The site is free, and you get useful stats to help you judge your progress.  It's a little heavy on the adverts, but at least they don't intrude into the exercises themselves.




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by Maurice Smith (not verified) on 16. May 2012 - 7:13  (93541)

Woudnt connect to server.
I would suggest Rapid Typing - a free downloadable program with no further need to log in and free of all ads

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