Powder Game


Powder Game

An entertaining game with over 30 different ingredients to create very interesting things


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Many ingredients and objects, great for coffee breaks.
Small playfield. Very Simplistic.

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Powder Game is an entertaining online game for all desktop systems with Java installed, or a downloadable app for Android and Apple iOS devices.

In this game, you have over 30 different ingredients to create very interesting things. Basically it's a little construction kit where you play around with chemicals and other objects, like Powder, Water, Fire, Ice, Stone, Magma, Wind, Fan and Oil, etc.

Create crazy sculptures and machines, mix different stuff and watch the reactions when they are hitting, a dot and a dot.

Enjoy the game on your mobile devices at hour fingertips, or control a little player on your desktop with the arrow keys, like in a classic platform game: Left-Right to move, Up to jump and Down to shoot the ingredient that you have touched before. (2nd player with WASD keys)

Even though it's an online game on your desktop, you can save your creative art to continue later or upload it to share it with other players. If you scroll down and click on weekly ranking, you can view and play the creations by others too.

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