Post To Twitter When You Can't Be There


Twuffer Twitter posting serviceIf you're a user of Twitter, have you ever wished that there was a way to post something to the system automatically at a specific time and date? For example, a friend who lives in a far-away country has a forthcoming birthday and you want to tweet a greeting, but time zone differences mean that you can't be around at the best time. Or there's a competition you want to enter, which requires posting a tweet at a time that isn't convenient for you?

OK, so this may not be the must-have facility that everyone in the world needs right now. But for some people (including me, as it happens), it can be very useful. And there is, as you might have guessed, a way of doing it that's completely free.

Twuffer is a web site that lets you enter the text of a tweet, as well as a date and time, and have the system submit it on your behalf when the time comes. Security and authentication is taken care of properly, so that the site can post to your account without you having to divulge your Twitter credentials. And in my tests, it worked just fine.

Oh, the stupid Twuffer name? Apparently it stands for Twitter Buffer. A stupid name, but a useful service, which you'll find at

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Although this is a good idea it would be even better if there was some way to quickly access Twitter timelines at any given point in the past to see what was posted. The Gizmo Twitter account doesn't even have a header image so I don't bother to follow that. Fortunately the website itself does a good job of making archived articles easy to access.