Post-it Software Notes Lite


Post-it Software Notes Lite

The classic post-it notes with a simple interface for 3M loyalists


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Pros & Cons:

Classic Post-it look, simple interface.
No longer supported by the developer, limited functionality.

Our Review:

For 3M loyalists there is always Post-it Software Notes Lite. It is no longer officially provided at the 3M website but I have provided an alternative download link to this classic.

The program gives you a floating icon. Clicking the handle on the top-right of the icon gives you an interface for setting preferences, including the notepad display, enabling or disabling sound effects, etc.

You can add a note easily by clicking the floating icon, or the icon in the notification area.

Clicking the handle on the top-left of a note gives you another interface for setting note properties, alarm, font, print or trash notes. Overall the tool is handy and easy to use.

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