POP Peeper


POP Peeper

Lets you know when new mail arrived, read and respond to your mail within the product.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Web Mail Accessory

Pros & Cons:

Tray icon, allows to read without download.
Does not download mail.

Our Review:

Another webmail accessory you might find useful is POP Peeper, a free utility that lets you know when new mail arrived in your Webmail account.

It installs a little tray icon that alerts you to new mail in your Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Mail.com, MyWay, Excite, Lycos.com, or RediffMail accounts. It's particularly useful for users who have multiple webmail services.

It won't though, download your mail to your POP3 email client. To do that you need one of the other products in this review category.

It does, however, allow you to read and even respond to your mail within the product without opening your email program. This makes it very attractive to Webmail users who don't use a regular email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

The download is a Pro verion, which will revert to the freeware edition after the 30 day trial expires.

POP Peeper was reviewed by on based on version 3.8.1.


Pop Peeper, free version, is my first primary email tool. Very stable, well designed interface with lots of well-thought-out features, good update cycle.
Elegant way to sort through my several email accounts with (way too) many entries.
Easy to delete spam, easy to read through/delete messages.
Good with IMAP.
The only thing missing for me, is the ability to move messages to folers within IMAP accounts. That is apparantly coming in next major release.

Between this and Thunderbird, I hardly ever use the gmail interface. These are so much more effective and sane.