Pool Rebel


Pool Rebel

A fabulous feature-packed product offers five different sports, 8-Ball, 8-Ball under UK rules, 9-Ball, 14.1 Continuous and One Pocket.


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Billiards and Pool Game

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Loaded with nifty features and options, plays 5 different pocket billiard games, peer-to-peer over-the-internet play, believable physics and rigorous rules enforced, excellent aiming and controls, with 4 settable levels of assist.
Overhead view is the only view, no fullscreen; runs in a window, resizable but of limited width.

Our Review:

Pool Rebel is a small download and well worth it. It is a commercial product developed originally for mobile devices, such as PocketPCs and Smartphones; yet its developer, Nikos Konstas, has graciously seen fit to contribute a totally free version of the game he adapted for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Pool Rebel for Windows runs in a resizable window up to about 965 pixels wide, which makes the game table at most 650 pixels wide. An overhead view is the only view afforded. Those are its limitations. But Pool Rebel has so many features and options, it's almost dizzying. It offers five different sports, 8-Ball, 8-Ball under UK rules, 9-Ball, 14.1 Continuous and One Pocket. It affords play between two human adversaries as well as man against machine, with settable skill levels. There are thirteen possible color choices for the table cloth. My personal favorite is Camel. You can play a single game at a time or play a "best of" series, up to 21 games.

One truly remarkable feature of Pool Rebel is the ability to play against an online opponent without deference to any gaming web site. It is strictly peer-to-peer technology! You simply look for and accept a pending challenge among other worldwide users who've put forth one, or make your own choices for the game and its parameters and wait for a taker. And speaking of parameters, Pool Rebel offers selectable aim assistance: None, Minimal, Default or Full. If you select Full, then you can make sensational 3-bank shots nearly every time.

The game's controls are straightforward enough, using the mouse to aim the cue stick and augmenting with up/down arrow keys for even finer control. The user chooses the strength of his shot beforehand from a sliding scale, and may select point-of-impact if desired for applying English, as well as cue incline for massé shots. Then just click the big Shoot button. The Menu is gained at any time by clicking on the three cue balls shown in the lower right corner. From there, an interrupted game can be Saved for later reloading. Moreover, a history of each shot is maintained and you can elect to forsake the current state and instead resume play from some earlier point. Why, I'm not sure.

Pool Rebel is a fabulous feature-packed product, unrestricted and completely free for Windows although the versions for other platforms are commercial. 

Pool Rebel was reviewed by on based on version 3.0.