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Xoyondo collaboration system windowWeb-based collaboration systems are very common nowadays. Every area of the market is covered, from commercial products like Microsoft SharePoint to hugely popular systems like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.

It's been a while since I've come across any such system which is sufficiently novel to impress me, but Xoyondo might just be it.

Xoyondo does just a few things, but it does them simply and it does them well. It can help you with the arrangements for a meeting or other event, for example. Each person can enter their name into a grid, and select which time and/or day suits them best. Xoyondo will then tell you which is the best time to hold the event.

Similarly, you can allow people to vote on a particular decision that needs to be taken. Where the next family picnic should be held, say, or what we should buy Aunt Edith for her upcoming birthday. There's also a discussion board for free-text discussion about a particular topic among a group of invited people.

Xoyondo is really easy to use, and the web site is a great example of a clear layout. You don't even need to register or sign up in order to use the site - just type in the details of your poll etc, and Xoyondo will generate a unique encoded URL ready for you to send to your invitees. A separate URL, equally hard to guess, lets you edit your polls.

Xoyondo is free, and you'll find it at https://xoyondo.com/ All you need is a web browser. And my grateful thanks go to site reader "darkmatter" for telling me about this handy site.

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I gave it a test drive for a family outing to a restaurant. I would rate it better than average but not much. Overall it is easy to use but needs work on the looks. My main criticism is due because even an experienced computer operator in my family mucked it up.  What it is if you do not press save for each question it does not mark your vote on that question yet its not obvious that you need on every question to press save.

It fills a need but it does needs some more work.