Poll: Do You Like the New Look at Gizmo's Freeware?



The poll is now closed but thanks to thousands who voted and the dozens who left a comment. And thanks too for supporting our new look by such an overwhelming margin.

We did however take seriously a number of the comments to the effect that the site looked too cluttered and the strong blue title bars distracted from the core content. So we made some minor changes to reduce the total number of items shown on pages and also to move to a lighter, less visually dominant blue for the title bars.

We also did a redesign of the home page to give users a clearer set of options when selecting free software and to generally simplify the page.  I hope you like it.

Thanks again to all who contributed. We take our users' views seriously around here and this a classic case where your comments allowed us to give you a better result.



You may have noticed that we've made some changes in our site design at Gizmo's Freeware.

Our web pages now have a three column layout instead of the two. Additionally we have moved to an all blue look rather than blue and orange.

The new layout allows us to place more dynamic content on our pages. So now you can easily see the most recent articles we've added to the site, what articles have been updated as well as our top rated articles..

This makes our pages more interesting but it also makes them "busier" to look at so we are not fully convinced whether we are moving in the right direction.  That's why we would really like to know what you think.  So please cast your vote. If you have time please also leave a comment..