A portable program that manages sticky notes well and offers all the options that Stickies does


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Images can be readily pasted into memos. A full range of advanced features, including online synchronisation/back up services services including Drop Box and Google Drive. Notes can also be posted to social media and social media posts downloaded to notes.
Use of skins reduces functionality. Creating a new note is not as straightforward as it should be. Defining the usual hot key combo for this funtion (Ctrl+N) is likely to cause you problems when using other programs.

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PNotes.NET comes a very close second to Stickies. It manages sticky notes well and offers all the options that Stickies does. PNotes.Net is also a standalone and portable program. Unlike Stickies, you can easily paste a picture in with your text memo. You are best to stick with relatively small images though. When the image is too large, you simply cannot paste it. The program does not freeze, slow down horribly or do anything else annoying.

PNotes.Net also has some additional features. You can, for example, install plugins so that you can post your notes on social media, and conversely download your posts to your notes. I tested this with Facebook and it was quite straightforward. Backing up to Dropbox was also quick and simple.

Until you add a skin, the PNotes.Net memos are readily resizeable. As skins are not especially necessary, it is a minor flaw that the use of skins reduces functionality in this way.

A much more significant flaw for me was the trouble I had creating a new note. Stickies installed with the hot key combination 'Ctrl+N', and this has proved a very convenient, intuitive way to create a new note that works. So naturally I opened the hot key definition manager in PNotes.Net and added the same hot key combination. Then I opened Firefox and used 'Ctrl+N', expecting this combination to open a new browsing window, as usual. Instead, I got a new sticky memo. I found this incredibly annoying.

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I've been using Pnotes.NET for a little over a month now on my Win 10 workstation. I have about 6 notes created and I like the keyboard command to show or hide all notes. That is how I want it to work. However, during this time Pnotes.NET has crashed on me several times. Typically it happens right after doing a save on a note that I've made changes on. But it's also happened after relocating a position of a note and then using the keyboard HIDE command and system lock. If this were an occasional thing I could live with it, but the frequency that it happens has me looking at the other alternatives. It may be time to move away from .NET to get some stability. :-( Just sayin.