Play The Windows Detective With This $31 Book Free


Windows system forensics bookEver wanted to explore the innermost secrets of your PC, to find out what's been going on? Or maybe you suspect that someone has been using your PC for illicit purposes and you want to find out for sure? If so, welcome to the world of computer forensics.

Gathering usage and activity data from a PC, and then examining that data in minute detail, can be difficult. But here's a useful book that walks you through the whole process. It's called Practical Windows Forensics and normally costs $31, but it's available as a free download for the next week.

Just head to to request it. You'll need to supply an email address, after which you'll receive a message from which you can download the book as a 20 MB PDF file.




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In order to get this book I had to give a "business email", after entering an email, I was sent to a page filled with boxes for wanted info, without any of which I could not get the book. Will try Partly geeky link above...Thanx for the link...

I also don't work ( disabled ) and not wanting to put in false info into the Tradepub form, but wanted the book so I googled the title and found this site.
for the E book versions.

It has the download of it for free ( no form to fill out ) - just click the button.

It downloads in a .zip file with the epub, mobi and pdf versions inside.

I scanned the pdf one with version of my recently updated free Bitdefender before opening it.

Scan Results : No infected items have been found

If you want - you can read it online if you click the other one to the left.

I think they ( TradePub ) will recognize you if you have filled in the form before and will just give you the DL.

Hopefully this is helpful

I simply gave my email address. Absolutely no questions were asked; it was sent to my email address and I downloaded it instantly. Thank you!

Same with me. No questions asked.

They want your WORK e-mail and info about your company. If you aren't employed at a company that meets their criteria, chances are that you're not going to be able to receive this book. I could be wrong, but I've encountered this type of offer before. I've been turned down because I'm not employed. (I'm retired.)