Play Sudoku with Colors Only


Temple Run 2 iconBlendokuIf you hate numbers and like colors, this is the game for you to spend some spare time.

While Sudoku deals with numbers in a grid, Blendoku is a unique game that lets you solve puzzles only with colors for blending.

To start out the game, you have a grid of squares to fill in with colors from a palette. Drag a color from the palette and place it next to the colors so that they all blend well and create a smooth sequence of colors either horizontally or vertically in the grid.

The layout of the grid changes from simple to complex as you progress on to another level. You will never find the game boring as they are more than 500 levels of puzzles with a wide gamut of difficulty, grouped in several level packs including simple, medium, hard, master and more.

Follow the levels patiently if you need to hone your skill progressively, or otherwise, you can jump to any other levels to test your ability to arrange and distinguish colors as no levels are pre-locked.

You don’t need to be an artist or a graphic designer to play the game since the gameplay is simple. It is brilliantly designed and intuitive enough for everyone to distinguish color principals, yet it is absolutely challenging to solve puzzles at higher levels when more colors come into play and colors get closer.

You get a perfect star if you solve a level on the first try with no mistakes, or get a trophy if you beat the world average in complete time.

If you can't solve a puzzle in a level, touch the magnifier to get a solution, but unfortunately you will need to wait for time to lapse before you get more solvers unless you opt for in-app purchases.



For Android
Size: 20.1 MB (varies with device)

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 17 MB


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