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Chess for Android

There are hundreds of chess apps on Google’s Play store but not many allow you to install an external chess engine other than the one preinstalled.

Some excellent choices do exist and one of them is Chess for Android, a popular chess app coded by Aart J. C. Bik, a Dutch-American software engineer working for Google.

Alongside a built-in Java chess engine, the app allows you to replace it with more powerful third party engines, such as Stockfish, which is also available from the Play store.

In early 2010s, Chess for Android was the first program to support Universal Chess Interface (UCI) and Chess Engine Communication Protocol (also referred to as the XBoard or WinBoard protocol) on the Android platform, and work with third party chess engines complying with the standards.

Find out more about this app below. If you are looking for chess apps that run on other platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS, see Best Free Computer Chess.

Chess for AndroidChess for Android




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