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Traditional broadcast radio only travels to your receiving device as much as where the frequency allows, but thanks to Internet radio that goes to every computer with Internet connection around the world irrespective of the frequency.

In a web browser, head to either Pandora or Streema, and you can listen to an Internet radio station right away online.

If you hate to do just everything in a browser but prefer a standalone application that you can run it in Windows, then look no further than TapinRadio.

It's easy to use. Not only can you search and listen to your favorite radio stations worldwide, you can also use it to record audio streams from the stations onto your computer.

From a music station that I tried, it auto split a music stream and saved it to a new mp3 file at a bitrate of 128kbps when the next song started. That's pretty smart and useful.

All in all, TapinRadio is simplistic and functional. It works in Windows 10 as well as older versions of Windows system and it's free from ads, which the other contender TuneIn Radio contains.

A big thank to our senior member Deya who recommends this excellent Internet radio player.




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WHRB - Add a new station with the following url:

Thank you all for your help.


For some reason, this program cannot find WHRB or

What can I be doing wrong?

Ok, there's a comment from adam933 on the recent comments page - for some reason it isn't showing up on here?

Anyway, he's kindly posted the WHRB station URL, here;

If you read this ppllkk, copy the URL, open TapinRadio then click 'File' - 'Open URL' - then paste in the URL and click 'OK'. The station will play, I'm listening to it now so it works fine. Once it's playing add it to your favourites so you don't lose it, it's stored for future use then.

Dunno why adam933's comment isn't showing here, maybe it'll show up later - but, anyway, thanks for posting the URL :-)

You're not doing anything wrong, ppllkk. I've searched for WHRB but the search comes up blank. That just means that WHRB isn't in the station listing database on TapinRadio. I suppose it's impossible to list every radio station in existence. However, what you can do is send a suggestion to the developer and see if the station can be added to the list.

To do that, open TapinRadio and click 'Help' at top right of the player. In the menu, scroll down to 'Suggest new station' and click it. In the window that opens provide as much information as possible about the station, then click 'OK'.

It's up to the developer then as to whether the station is added to future station listings. Sometimes stations are added, sometimes not. All you can do is suggest WHRB and see what happens. It's definitely worth a try. Hope that helps.

Going to check this out although I think a basic screen recorder would probably accomplish the main tasks here. I'm a fan of Tune-In online radio but if your looking for a stand alone option that can unobtrusively sit in the background while you browse websites, Nexus Radio is worth a look.

Not sure about Nexus, I've tried it in the past but, just checking now, it doesn't seem to have been updated since Feb 2012. I went ahead and downloaded Nexus on a spare machine running in virtual, uploaded it to VirusTotal and it got flagged four times for Conduit toolbar. During the install you get offered the toolbar although you do get the option to opt out, which I did. Once installed it would only run if I right clicked on the Nexus icon and selected 'run as administrator'. I did that, it loaded, and then a screen appears asking you to fill in all your details and open a Nexus account. You can't use it until you've done that. So I left it at that and re-booted the machine to have rid of it. So just a word of caution about that.

There was a brief period a few years ago when Tapin also went down the toolbar route, an attempt to help fund the project. Lots of users were up in arms about it at the time so the developers discontinued the toolbar offer, this was in 2012. Instead they created a free or paid option, which still exists today. It's up to the user to decide which they prefer. I use the free version - totally free, no toolbars or anything of that nature. This is the version that's been reviewed here and which works perfectly well albeit with a few features disabled - scheduled recording, showing lyrics etc, which Jojo has pointed out in the review.

There is a thread on the forum for TapinRadio so if anyone wants to try it it might be worth reading through it. It's not a massively long thread, just five pages, but it may be useful for reference. It's here;

The beauty of TapinRadio is its simplicity, it's nothing too fancy but offers a huge selection of worldwide radio stations. It doesn't hog resources yet still offers lots of functionality.

JoJo - that's a nice review of a great little program, one that's a particular favourite of mine.

Thanks :)

I'll second that, thanks Jojo, and to deya for the forum link,
Nice bit of gear ! :)