Plan Your Room, Garden, Office or Exhibition Layout Online For Free.


Software to help you plan room layouts is often huge and unwieldy, because of all the libraries of graphics that it needs to maintain.  So it's great to find a web site that lets you do it all online.  Exhibit Core ( is free for basic use, and allows you to plan your home, garden, office, room, or any other layout just by dragging, dropping and rotating.  You can then export your finished design to a PDF file.

Whether you're a professional who wants to plan the layout of a corporate exhibition stand, or you simply feel like rearranging your living room at home, Exhibit Core is well worth a try.  All you need is a web browser, and there's no need to sign up or register if you don't want to.  I managed to put together the simple office layout below in about 2 minutes.  Though I admit that it was vastly improved once I decided to remove the trees and the bicycle!


My thanks to reader Ron Mitchell for telling me about this great Hot Find.




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