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A wide range of effects, overlays, borders, type and stickers; over 600 effects; quick adjustment such as autofix, cropping, or red eye correction; impressive collage feature with a multitude of layouts and arrangement options.
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When you run this excellent app Pixlr for the first time, you'll get the usual 'Agree to the Terms and Conditions' dialog box and a reminder about 'sending anonymous usage statistics'. That reporting can be disabled in the app settings. The main screen presents you with functions of what to do next—Camera to launch your device's camera app, Photos to open your photo gallery, Collage to create a photo collage, and a Fresh option to work on your last photo.

The app layout looks good on a phone or a tablet. There aren't many settings to worry about. You can choose the default saved image size and folder, and the option to start Pixlr in Camera mode. Twitter and Facebook options are also there.

If you like doing a lot of edits, firing up the camera from the app to take a shot will bring you back to the main editing screen after the shot. The options are arranged in various logical category buttons, so it's easy to get to the function you want. That could be a quick adjustment such as autofix, cropping, or red eye correction. There are many choices available. The best way is to dive right in and explore these and see what they do to the photo.

As well as image adjustments, there's a wide range of effects, overlays, borders, type and stickers. Over 600 effects are available. The great thing is that these editing options are presented in a tidy, attractive layout that's a pleasure to use. Once you're happy with your editing, there's a save button to keep your work or a close button to discard changes. When saving, you are offered several resolution options ranging from original size and lower resolutions.

Once your completed photo is saved, you'll see a 'share' button for Facebook and Twitter. You're offered a size choice that's great if you don't want to share the full sized image.

The collage feature is impressive, with a multitude of layouts and arrangement options available. For those whose device camera has a large megapixel count, you could output a collage in a high enough resolution to make a great looking poster print. This would be just the thing for those special family photos.

There are so many editing possibilities available in this app that it'd be impossible to describe them all in this review. One thing for sure is you'd be hard pressed to find an editing feature that isn't built-in.

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